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The leisure and tourism industry is one of the most important economic sectors of the time. Experts speak of "the leading economy of the 21st century".

The changing living conditions - doubling life expectancy, halving the working time, multiplying the real income in the last decades - have started a boom at the end of the twentieth century. Leisure and in particular "professionally organized leisure" has responded to the changing demand with quantitative growth.

Qualitative aspects, starting with the qualification of the employees, a sustainable use of the resources and the necessary financial resources for the conceptual operation of individual leisure and tourism companies, could not follow these developments in many places.

With the turn of the millennium, a rethinking process has also started in the leisure sector. From ice-cream parlors and shopping centers to adventure parks and leisure baths, a consistent orientation towards the changing target groups, a close focus on safety aspects and new, attractive and distinctive profiles are required. A growing competition situation - we are now talking about an oversupply of professionally organized leisure - also increases the pressure on companies in the leisure sector and the need for new offer packages and marketing strategies.

Tawfik human resources & consulting has set itself the goal of supporting companies in the leisure industry during these transformation processes.
After a fundamental analysis of strengths and weaknesses, the main focus is on the accompaniment and giving impulses in the development of new, marketable and at the same time affordable concepts and their continuation into concrete action strategies.

An important basis for this is the definition of quality standards and the long-term introduction of security systems, including all operational function groups. In addition, the initiation of external communication processes, cooperation and development of networks is the central focus of Tawfik human resources & consulting.

The team of Tawfik human resources & consulting, consisting of 8 professional trainers with a solid experience in the leisure and tourism sector, has been able to implement creative innovations and needs-oriented concepts strategically and in a structured way since 1992. The highest priority is the constant cooperation of up-to-date, well-founded specialist knowledge and permanent practice testing.
In close cooperation with well-known companies from the leisure and tourism industry, new ideas and approaches are being created which are being transferred in a targeted manner. Extensive networks and many years of experience in leisure time, in international tourism and in the spa sector, create a qualified and viable basis for our consulting, training and innovation programs:

Tawfik company consulting
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, business feasibility studies and workflow analyzes
  • Targeted and practice-oriented content, methods and strategies for the changing requirements
  • Comprehensive, networked contacts to different companies and sponsors and sustainable anchoring in this network
  • A multifaceted qualification offer for your employees
  • Targeted strategies for marketing and public relations and impulses for customer loyalty instruments
  • Personnel development and work organization
  • Implementation of event management systems up to concrete offer packages
  • The targeted acquisition of suitable funding instruments
We would be glad to provide you with information about possibilities and perspectives for your company. Our contact form is available for a non-binding inquiry.
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