Tawfik human resources & consulting

Candidates service:

Tawfik Human Resources is operating on the National and International markets. With about 70%, our main activities are located aboard.

According to our principle, every applicant with the qualified education should have the chance to find an adequate working position, which demands and activates his or her knowledge and proficiency, our contracting parties are famous International operating companies. Applicants, who are searching for employment, wheather it`s in Dubai or Ibiza, can be sure to find an apropriate position to their personal background, with an official contracting party and a reasonable compensation.

How to apply:

As Human Resurces Agents, we know best what is important for a successfull application. For this reason, we have developed a standardized online application system. This questionnaire should be completed carefully and sent back to Tawfik Human Resources.
When we have appropiate labor supplies, fitting the applicants background and expectation, a first meeting between the applicant and one of our consultants will be arranged. If this meeting is successfull and our consultants impression is, that the companies and candidates expectations are highly similar, the company will then receive a detailed presentation folder, containing the most important information and documents of the applicant. A final meeting between the companies Human Resources Management Department and the applicant, will be the last step for a new employment.


Due to the high standards of our contracting parties, we recruit without any exceptions, only highly qualified applicants, fitting special job specifications. Wheather you are looking for temporary or full-time employment, Tawfik Human Resources offers the employment and organizational solutions to perfectley match candidates and companies expectations. The following scroll will show a selection of common professions which are mainly searched by Tawfik Human Resources. If you are looking for a certain job, which is not listed below, don`t hesitate to contact us directly. There may be a chance we can find what you`re looking for!
sport, trainers & teachers
  • tennis trainers
  • winter sports trainers
  • dive masters
  • surf instructors
  • golf trainers
  • selfdefense instuctors
  • swimming instructors
  • horse riding instructors
  • gymnastic intructors
  • dance instructors
  • snowboard instructors
  • fitness trainers
  • wellness trainers
  • aerobic instructors
  • yoga & meditation instructors
  • inline skate instructors
  • chief animators
  • show animators
  • kids & teens animators
  • sport animators
  • all around animators
entertainers & artists
  • moderators
  • clowns
  • singers
  • magicians
  • dancers
  • performance artists
  • jugglers & fire eaters
  • make-up artists
  • show & dance performances
therapists & more
  • physiological therapists
  • sports therapists
  • medical masseurs
  • cosmeticians
  • tour-leaders
  • educators
  • kids & teens daycare staff
  • bath attendants & lifeguards
  • receptionist department
  • disc-jockeys
  • sound & light technicans
  • human resources managers
  • consultants
  • sports area managers
  • water-parc managers
  • tourism managers
  • hotel managers
  • leisure & recreation managers
  • assistants

Advantages for the applicant:

The decision to get professional support for a personal job search by Tawfik Human Resources, can bring various advantages:
  • Our service is completley free of costs and without predjudice to all applicants
  • As specialist for sports, animation and entertainment, we offer the employment and organizational solutions to perfectley match the expectations, knowledge and education of our applicants
  • Our clients are internationally known companies, working on a high standard principle
  • With one application candidates can get various job offers
  • Negotiations about working conditions, salary and so-forth, are subject by the applicant
For further information please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail!
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